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For some reason I haven’t been watching that many series or movies and am instead going through a reading spree. Going to Finncon is the major cause for this I suspect. At the moment I’m waiting for A Clash of Kings to arrive from Play.com and whitling away the time with Stephen King’s The Dark Tower.

The Dark Tower is a very entertaining piece of fantasy. The plot is very simple and can be summed up in one sentence: A man named Roland is trying to get to the Dark Tower. Of course that isn’t interesting in itself but what’s most important to me is that the story also hilarious. Stephen King has such a dark humor and imagination that at times I can’t help but laugh aloud, which doesn’t happen a lot, since I’m really a very boring person at heart. The first part, The Gunslinger, wasn’t very funny, but the second part brings in Eddie and Susannah as companions for Roland on the road to the Tower. I really don’t want to spoil anything once again, but you really should read the Dark Tower if you have any interest in fantasy. If you also like Stephen King, then why aren’t you reading this already.

The biggest problem I have with the series is the character of Roland. While he’s interesting in many ways, he doesn’t talk very much and doesn’t question why he’s searching for the Dark Tower in the first place. Also I would never call him funny in any way. Perhaps this is the reason why he has companions with him. Eddie is exactly the type of person needed to make the dialogue more interesting and also funnier. He seems to be talking almost constantly and is always cracking a joke. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, which King has named as a big influence, did very similarly with Blondie and Tuco. Tuco does most of the talking and generates most of the laughs in the movie, of which there are surprisingly many. Perhaps the lack of funny side-characters was the biggest lack in the Gunslinger, which was a very serious novel.

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