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An interview on Global Agenda, spotted through the facebook-group, an upcoming MMO that tries a more actiony approach. So no dice rolls here. Its set in the future, so the weapons are futuristic and there’s also a sort of spell system, so you can create forcefields or be invisible for a short time. At the moment what most annoys me about MMOs the like of WoW and WAR is how boring playing them is. You just press spells from a quickbar and run around your enemy, which gets old extremly quick. PvP is a bit more interesting but PvE gets superboring, superquick. Global Agenda does a more multiplayer shooter sort of approach with skills to choose.

Here’s a producer interview with gameplay footage if you’re interested:

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I’ve been following Love through Rock, Paper, Shotgun for some time now and have got my hopes rather high. The game is a not so massively multiplayer game being made single-handedly by game developer Eskil Steenberg. The reason why I have my hopes so high is that the game tries something different. Unlike most MMORPGs like WoW, in Love the players decisions are actually reflected in the world. In Wow you can’t change the environment in any kind of meaningful way. What Love does is try to make the player play a bigger part in game. This very interesting gameplay video shows the game in action and has a commentary by Steenberg.

Since Steenberg is making the game single-handedly he’s had to make a variety of tools that make the game developing process easier and less painful. Watching this video on the tools he’s created you start wondering why no one else has come up with similar ideas. The name of the game is WYSIWYG-game design, short for what you see is what you get. Definitely will be following this one from now on as well

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