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I recently got a beta invitation to League of Legends via Rock, Paper, Shotgun. The game attempts to sell itself as a mix between Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) and an MMO. I’ll give some general info about the game first and then tell about the champion, your avatar in the game, that I’ve been playing with so far. Be warned that I haven’t played any DOTA games before LoL. I’ll add official LoL tips and tricks videos here, which explain the game better than I ever could.

League of Legends is divided into a menu part and the actual game. On the menu you can see the available spells, stat upgrades called runes, which basicly give small boosts to your chosen stat, be it damage, mana or health. Also you get a very WoW-like skill tree, giving you choice between a defense, attack and magic build. You get levels from games you win, which give you more skill points, spells and of course power. That’s the MMO part more or less.

When you actually get playing, after all the tweaking, the DOTA element comes in, with battles between five or more players on each side. There’s a wide selection of avatars, or champions as the game calls them, to choose from, each with its unique set of skills. The champions are divided as classes might in an MMO. You can choose from ranged and melee dps, spellcasters, tanks and more support focused champions. There’s quite a selection so finding one to your own liking should be easy, if time-consuming.

The gameplay is a mix between fighting against opposing minions, which spawn in groups between steady intervals making their way for the enemy base and the human controlled champions. There’s also turrets which defend both team’s bases. The key to winning the game lies with how well you fight the enemy champions. Teamwork is the key word here. A  player going solo hardly ever beats two champions. Also important is levelling up quickly and making money in the process, allowing you to buy items, which are perhaps the most important part of the game actually, granting very substantial buffs and bonuses.

I tried a couple of the champions briefly but didn’t find a favorite. Then I decided to stick with one champion for a longer time. My first pick was Ashe, an archer with freezing skills. Her skills are a frost arrow that slows enemies down, a cone of arrows that also slows, a passive skill giving more gold when a minion is killed and finally a super arrow that can be aimed at any part of the map, gaining more damage the further it travels and freezing an enemy champion once it hits. Of course the closer you are the easier it is to actually hit a champion, but then you pay in damage. With all skills available my basic tactic is freezing with the super arrow, keeping the enemy in range by slowing with the other skills and letting attack speed do the rest.

While Ashe’s arrows do a great deal of damage with the right items, she’s got very little health. Any dps getting too close makes short work of her. Keeping in the right range is the key when playing as Ashe. I like her in that she is rather straightforward in the way you play. With items I’ve been stacking attack and movement speed making me able to run in, do a lot of damage and run away again. Guerrilla tactics you could say.

Playing like this I actually won a couple of matches. Most of the game naturally depends on your teammates. At the moment players disconnecting is a big problem. 4 vs 5 isn’t a fair game so even one player not giving everything he has, or worse, leaving entirely, results in a quick loose. Even a little teamplay gives you the upper hand.

Another problem with the game is that I’m forced to play with random people. Of course you never know who you’ll be facing. Also there’s no telling what level people you play against. A match between someone 26 and 6 isn’t all that fair. If I ever get enough buddies in League of Legends to play with a team I know, the game will be a lot more fun. With random people LoL doesn’t really get to it’s full potential.

Even though the game is in it’s beta I’ve had some fun playing it and once I find a character that sticks… well who knows how big a time sink LoL might become.  After Ashe I think I’ll try a melee dps, expect a post on how that goes later, concentrating more on the champion now you know how the basics about the game. If you want to try it out, apply here and don’t hesitate to add me as a buddy, look for ironanno.

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An interview on Global Agenda, spotted through the facebook-group, an upcoming MMO that tries a more actiony approach. So no dice rolls here. Its set in the future, so the weapons are futuristic and there’s also a sort of spell system, so you can create forcefields or be invisible for a short time. At the moment what most annoys me about MMOs the like of WoW and WAR is how boring playing them is. You just press spells from a quickbar and run around your enemy, which gets old extremly quick. PvP is a bit more interesting but PvE gets superboring, superquick. Global Agenda does a more multiplayer shooter sort of approach with skills to choose.

Here’s a producer interview with gameplay footage if you’re interested:

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