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If you haven’t heard about DeathSpank, an adventure-esque game with Diablo elements mixed in, the newest project of Ron Gilbert, well, you have now. Here’s a gameplay trailer to said game. It doesn’t show all that much of the game but if it captured your imagination 1up has extensive coverage with interviews and a preview you’ll want to check out. Judging from the trailer and what I’ve read this could turn out to be fun. I haven’t heard any dialogue yet which I quess is one of the more important things you should be looking at with Ron Gilbert involved.

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Stumbled across “The Neil Kurkani guide to being a record reviewer” some time ago on Rock Paper Shotgun. Even though its from a music reviewer and talks about records I think anyone reviewing things on blogs or somewhere else on the Internet might benefit from reading it.

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So, you’re in love with one of your friends, but she has a boyfriend and probably wouldn’t have sex with you anyway

Find the solution to this impossible sounding problem here. Expect a feeling of why-didn’t-I-think-of-this mixed with I-need-to-try-this-right-away. While you’re reading it think of a word for the feelings I mentioned before.

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A New Yorker article about underdogs and how they can beat their stronger opponents. As examples in the article there’s an American basketball team of 12-year old girls, Lawrence of Arabia and other military stuff. It’s a good if long read. Spotted on Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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Newswipe is a tv-program appearing on BBC4. In it Charlie Brooker takes a critical and sarcastic look at the news, looking especially at how entertaining the news appears nowdays. The fifth episode, nicely found through Youtube, is a sort of best-of compilation and a good way to get into the program. The episodes come in three parts:

In part one of the episode Brooker looks at how the public forms a big part of newscoverage. Features a couple of guys who go within 50-meters of an oil-plant on fire and pictures on snow that people sent to BBC.

Part 2 has my favorite part of the series dealing with American news-reporters, especially Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly. Pretty scary footage. Also the death of Jade Goody, a British reality tv-star who got cancer, which was widely talked about in the tabloids and tv.

Finally in the last part there’s more on Jade Goody and a look at  a shootout in Germany where a school kid killed 16 fellow students. Especially interesting is what a forensic psychologist has to say on how shooters like him are portrayed in the news.

If you got interested a quick search on Youtube will give you the rest of the Newswipe episodes as well as Brooker’s Screenwipe, which looks at tv on a wider scale.

What I most like about Brooker is the very sarcastic and dark humor. He also doesn’t take himself too seriously. On one episode of Screenwipe he took part in a children’s program as one of the hosts and ended up getting four cream cakes on his head.  An ironic reading makes even the worst crap on TV enjoyable.

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